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Our expertise

Optimize your production while contributing in an innovative way to the preservation of the environment.



your energy efficiency.

Increase your

Increase your

production capacity.



up to 97% of your water.



your water consumption.

Manure treatment.

Goodbye soil degradation, bad reputation and inadequate spending. Optimize your production and save money while contributing to sustainable development. With a reliable solution over a minimum lifespan of 30 years, invest with confidence over the long term.

Manure processing steps

  • Solid and liquid separation done by the Solugen centrifuge.

  • Liquid fraction distillation.

  • Internal water recycling.

Benefits of the Solugen water treatment system

  • Recycle up to 84% of your polluted water.

  • Reduce manure management costs.

  • Significant reduction in GHG emissions.

  • Re-value the input (manure) as fertilizer.

  • Promote the social acceptability of your project by reducing odors.

  • Manure treatment without any chemical products

Industrial wastewater treatment.

The future of contaminated water treatment passes through Solugen. Simple, efficient over the long term and generating substantial savings, our process makes it possible to transform any wastewater into pure and reusable water.

Steps for the treatment of contaminated water

  • Adapted solid and liquid separation

  • Azeotropic distillation or distillation.

  • Internal water recycling.

Benefits of the Solugen water purification system

  • Recycle up to 97% of your polluted water.

  • Ensure upstream water quality.

  • Benefit from Solugen support and our certified solution.

A global vision

Our goal to become the world reference in the treatment of highly contaminated water and commercialize our innovative solutions.

An environmental mission

Solugen offers solutions to treat highly contaminated water in order to facilitate compliance with environmental standards, social acceptability and the profitability of operating activities in several branches: agricultural, mining, municipal, petroleum and industrial sectors.

Smart wastewater management.

Would you like to reduce your water consumption and optimize your energy efficiency? Our team of experts is committed to treating your industrial or agricultural wastewater efficiently and economically.