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The pig farm of the future

Pork meat. A growing demand According to economic indicators, demand for pork meat will continue to increase over the next decade. A recent study (2018) by the Rabobank…

Solugen 14/11/2019

Pig slurry

What is pig slurry? Pig slurry consists in a mix of water and animal manure. It is similar to manure, but in a liquid form. Pig slurry is a mixture of farm animal…

Solugen 15/10/2019

Eutrophication: A slow asphyxia

Originally a natural phenomenon Eutrophication is an   aging phenomenon that affects water bodies (lakes, ponds). For thousands of years, on a geological age scale,…

Solugen 17/09/2019

Phosphorus: a non-renewable but essential resource for life

Phosphorus is an essential element used in agriculture. Overexploitation of phosphate rock mines suggest a lack of this resource within 10 to 20 years. There will…

Solugen 10/09/2019