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Pig slurry

What is pig slurry? Pig slurry consists in a mix of water and animal manure. It is similar to manure, but in a liquid form. Pig slurry is a mixture of farm animal…

Solugen 15/10/2019

Regional consultation tour for the development of the electrification and climate change plan

  As part of the regional consultation tour organized by the Government of Quebec to develop the future Plan d’Électrification et de Changements Climatiques…

Solugen 10/10/2019

Vision for the future

  The Government of Quebec wishes to enhance the strategic nature of the Green Funds and better align its action with the government’s orientations in…

Solugen 08/10/2019

Eutrophication: A slow asphyxia

Originally a natural phenomenon Eutrophication is an   aging phenomenon that affects water bodies (lakes, ponds). For thousands of years, on a geological age scale,…

Solugen 17/09/2019

Phosphorus: a non-renewable but essential resource for life

Phosphorus is an essential element used in agriculture. Overexploitation of phosphate rock mines suggest a lack of this resource within 10 to 20 years. There will…

Solugen 10/09/2019