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Hog industry and slurry. Challenge and opportunity

Hog industry, impressive figures In January 2020 there were about 677.6 million pigs in the world.  China leads the way with 310.4 million animals, the European…

Solugen 30/06/2020

The Western Producer publishes an article on Solugen

The Western producer, a western Canadian media publishes an article on Solugen Pig poop provides pure potable H2O

Solugen 19/06/2020

The importance of phosphorus in the agri-environmental fertilization plan - the contribution of Solugen

In Quebec, as well as in various countries, where farming practices are subject to environmental standards, there is a Agricultural Operations Regulation (AOR) that…

Solugen 08/06/2020

Farmtario an agricultural magazine in Ontario, publishes an article on Solugen

Farmtario is a new source of farming information for Ontario backed by leading and experienced farm journalists and content creators. Farmtario provides useful independent…

Solugen 02/06/2020

The smell of manure: a recurring nuisance. How Solugen can help.

Residents bothered by the smell of liquid manure, residents worried about the upcoming construction of a large pigsty, who hasn’t read this kind of news? At…

Solugen 28/05/2020

Water and Swine industry

Water, a global issue Over the years and with the development of human activities, water has become a global issue reinforced by the effects of climate changes.…

Solugen 20/05/2020


Solugen will participate to the contest The Flemish Coordination Centre for Manure Processing (VCM) (Belgium) hands out every two years the ‘Ivan Tolpe Prijs’,…

Solugen 08/05/2020

Fertilizing characteristics of manure - potassium

Along with nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P), potassium (K) is one of the three essential primary nutrients for soil fertilization. Hog manure, such as animal manure…

Solugen 05/05/2020

Phosphorus-saturated soils - a constraint for farmers

Phosphorus: a must for soil fertilization An essential plant nutrient, like potassium and nitrogen, phosphorus is not readily available naturally because of its…

Solugen 30/04/2020

Fertilizing residual materials and sewage sludge

During the treatment of wastewater by a treatment plant, a solid residue remains which is called sludge and whose dryness can vary according to the case. The dryness…

Solugen 22/04/2020

Circular economy: a topical challenge

Circular Economy The term is particularly topical and appears frequently in economic forums dealing with sustainable development and environmental preservation.…

Solugen 15/04/2020

Why treat your manure instead of spreading it?

Hog manure is undoubtedly a valuable source of fertilizer for agriculture. On the other hand, the conventional practice of spreading it on fields generates numerous…

Solugen 09/04/2020

Nitrogen: an indispensable fertilizer

When it comes to fertilizers, one of the most widely used fertilizers is nitrogen. Nitrogen comes in various forms. The fertilising power of nitrogen varies according…

Solugen 02/04/2020

Wastewater from the agri-food sector

When talking about wastewater, we should in fact consider different types. Indeed, the type of contamination and the level of concentration of contaminants vary…

Solugen 25/03/2020

Water for pigs: not just any water

Water plays a multiple role in health. It is involved in all the physical, biological and biochemical processes of living beings and is indispensable.  Contrary…

Solugen 17/03/2020

Greenhouse gases

Greenhouse Gases The world talks about greenhouse gases (GHGs) in terms of ton CO2 . Co2 is a reference value because there are different GHGs. The ton CO2 equivalent…

Solugen 11/03/2020

Using fertilizers extracted from pig manure - Phosphorus

Pig manure is a liquid mass whose composition varies according to the type of pig farm. In addition to various organic elements, hair, faeces, urine, it also contains…

Solugen 04/03/2020

Water a global issue

A very topical issue At a time when governments are stepping up measures to combat climate changes, water management is positioning itself as a global issue. Oceans…

Solugen 18/02/2020

Biomethanization - how to optimize the process

The principle of biomethanization Biomethanization is a process of revalorizing residual organic matter to extract biogas. The composition of this biogas varies…

Solugen 04/02/2020

This is what we do with pig manure!

We revalorize a residual material and create a circular economy while eliminating 90 to 95 percent of greenhouse gases and odours.

Solugen 28/01/2020

Solugen, how to strengthen the pork industry in Quebec and around the world

A sector with a promising future In 2018 there were 2127 hog producers in Quebec, with a production volume of about 7 million animals. With $1.6 billion in exports,…

Solugen 07/01/2020

Wastewater treatment

Origin of wastewater Wastewater originates from different sectors: domestic, communal, municipal or industrial. As a result, the origins of wastewater are multiple.…

Solugen 17/12/2019

Solugen present at COP25

Solugen, specializing in the treatment of highly contaminated water, will attend the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP25) in Madrid from 9 December.

Solugen 06/12/2019