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Hog industry and slurry. Challenge and opportunity

Hog industry, impressive figures In January 2020 there were about 677.6 million pigs in the world.  China leads the way with 310.4 million animals, the European…

Solugen 30/06/2020

The Western Producer publishes an article on Solugen

The Western producer, a western Canadian media publishes an article on Solugen Pig poop provides pure potable H2O

Solugen 19/06/2020

The importance of phosphorus in the agri-environmental fertilization plan - the contribution of Solugen

In Quebec, as well as in various countries, where farming practices are subject to environmental standards, there is a Agricultural Operations Regulation (AOR) that…

Solugen 08/06/2020

Farmtario an agricultural magazine in Ontario, publishes an article on Solugen

Farmtario is a new source of farming information for Ontario backed by leading and experienced farm journalists and content creators. Farmtario provides useful independent…

Solugen 02/06/2020