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Phosphorus-saturated soils - a constraint for farmers

Phosphorus: a must for soil fertilization An essential plant nutrient, like potassium and nitrogen, phosphorus is not readily available naturally because of its…

Solugen 30/04/2020

Fertilizing residual materials and sewage sludge

During the treatment of wastewater by a treatment plant, a solid residue remains which is called sludge and whose dryness can vary according to the case. The dryness…

Solugen 22/04/2020

Circular economy: a topical challenge

Circular Economy The term is particularly topical and appears frequently in economic forums dealing with sustainable development and environmental preservation.…

Solugen 15/04/2020

Why treat your manure instead of spreading it?

Hog manure is undoubtedly a valuable source of fertilizer for agriculture. On the other hand, the conventional practice of spreading it on fields generates numerous…

Solugen 09/04/2020

Nitrogen: an indispensable fertilizer

When it comes to fertilizers, one of the most widely used fertilizers is nitrogen. Nitrogen comes in various forms. The fertilising power of nitrogen varies according…

Solugen 02/04/2020