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Wastewater from the agri-food sector

When talking about wastewater, we should in fact consider different types. Indeed, the type of contamination and the level of concentration of contaminants vary…

Solugen 25/03/2020

Water for pigs: not just any water

Water plays a multiple role in health. It is involved in all the physical, biological and biochemical processes of living beings and is indispensable.  Contrary…

Solugen 17/03/2020

Greenhouse gases

Greenhouse Gases The world talks about greenhouse gases (GHGs) in terms of ton CO2 . Co2 is a reference value because there are different GHGs. The ton CO2 equivalent…

Solugen 11/03/2020

Using fertilizers extracted from pig manure - Phosphorus

Pig manure is a liquid mass whose composition varies according to the type of pig farm. In addition to various organic elements, hair, faeces, urine, it also contains…

Solugen 04/03/2020