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Industrial and agricultural water treatment solutions

Water is a valuable resource.
At Solugen, we manage contaminated water with know-how.

Experts in water treatment by distillation

Our team is creating the future in water purification.

Optimizing production by limiting the impact on the environment: this is our daily commitment.

Sustainable development

Solugen purifies agricultural and industrial wastewaters so that they can be reusable. Our process generates a significant reduction of greenhouse gas emission. In agricultural environments, our solution produces reusable fertilizers to create a circular economy.


Our azeotropic distillation process is the result of 35 years of experience in industrial process research and development. Our engineering department is constantly working on optimizing and improving our water purification technology.


The purification of industrial and agricultural water is our field of expertise and is our mission. We adapt our solutions to your reality and we are committed to achieving the expected results.


Water : Blue Gold

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Water a global issue

Water a global issue

A very topical issue At a time when governments are stepping up measures to combat climate changes, water management is positioning itself as a global issue. Oceans…

Solugen 18/02/2020
Biomethanization - how to optimize the process

Biomethanization - how to optimize the process

The principle of biomethanization Biomethanization is a process of revalorizing residual organic matter to extract biogas. The composition of this biogas varies…

Solugen 04/02/2020